Reader's Nirvana

About Us

Ankit Agarwal  |   Shreya Agarwal

Based in Kolkata, India and started by two ambitious college goers with big dreams!

We created Reader’s Nirvana as a way to fully pursue our combined blogging interests and to publish quality content for our readers!  Ranging from colourful, curated posts to pieces that make you tap into your soul, this blog aims to be useful, informative and maybe bring a smile on someone’s face on a cloudy day 🙂

We started off as a basic blog on to see if this could be our thing. And here we are, a few months later, with our own website! 😀 So, if you had followed us on our previous page, you will certainly notice the difference in the style, and the variety in the posts. Scared but so excited for the onward journey! 

Our mantra is to try to make the best of any situation that life throws at us, preferably with some garlic bread and pizza 😉 Apart from being exiled to college everyday, we spend the rest of our little time curating and researching for our next posts, and watching FRIENDS re-runs. All day, everyday.

Keep supporting and spread the love 🙂