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6 Hacks For Forgetful People

Always forgetting your daily medicines? Or always worrying about whether or not you switched off the TV?
Here are 6 easy ways to counter your bad memory and make your life a lot easier.

  1. Fond of cooking? Here’s how to make more of it!

    If you have a habit of forgetting important birthday and the spending loads of money trying to make up then this one is totally for you. Make a note of all the dates on your recipe cards and stack them up on your kitchen table. So whenever you step into the kitchen in the morning you know who to call.

  2. Battery low? No money for power bank? Extension Boards are the way to go.

    Remember back in the day we used to have a big portable switch board with lots of plug points? Well they are still available and still very useful. Plug in your mobile, laptop, iPod all together and sit back and relax.

  3. Constantly finding yourself with expired products? Here’s what to do.

    A marker pen is all you need for this one. Whenever you buy something just write down the date of purchase on the bottom. So when you use it you know when it’s time for the next bottle to arrive!

  4. Forgot to take morning medication? No problem!!

    Just keep your pills on your breakfast table. Still didn’t take it? Keep an extra file with you in your office bag. The moment you remember about them take one out and pop it in.

  5. Been locked out of the house more than once? Keep a spare key in your purse!!

    Or keep it below the house mat or behind the switch for bell. Security might be an issue here, so why not create a letter box just for hiding a key? And who knows this might even get us to write a letter to our loved ones once in a while!

  6. Got an android or an iPhone? Make the most of it.

    Set reminders for paying bills, calling Mom and even for feeding your pet. Let’s not just use our mobiles for Facebook and Insta. And if you have your own personal Google assistant, then just speak and Voila! your job is done.

So this is how you can stress about a few things less in life. If there’s something you would like to add please feel free to add in a comment.


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