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5 Unwanted Behaviors That Break Relationships Up

How many of you have been in a relationship that you felt was going amazingly well and at the next moment, even before you realized what has happened, you drifted apart from your partner? Well, I guess most of you have had this experience and I know you certainly didn’t have the time of your life post your breakup!

Relationships are hard work, but they are more than worth it. But have you ever pondered about how a blooming relationship becomes a fiasco? According to me, it’s partly due to rampant and toxic behavior and attitude towards your partner that lead to it. Here is a list of 5 Unwanted Behaviors That Break Up Relationships!

  1. Considering Yourself To Be The Right One In Every Dispute

    Denying your responsibility in every relationship dispute is equivalent to blaming your partner alone for all the problems. The thinking of “It’s you who creates all the disagreements” will make your partner feel angry and unheard, and has lead to the end of several beautiful relationships. Being in a relation is a choice that you have made on your own. So if you are willing to hang in there, start owning up to things which are your fault, instead of blaming them on to each other!

  2. Keeping The Things That Bother You To Yourself

    Disagreements and disputes are bound to happen in  any relation. It’s normal. You may not like your partner doing something or maybe you did get hurt because of certain things that he/she said to you. If those things really bother you, you need to clarify with your partner straightaway. Understand this – He/She is not a mind reader and may not even have a pinch of an idea of what you are going through if you hide it! Not sharing your problems with them will make you feel suffocated and frustrated, which you may end up channeling in a wrong way, leading to a misunderstanding and you losing a beautiful person just because you decided to keep things to yourself.

  3. Giving the Silent Treatment

    Sometimes, you may feel like not responding to a certain situation is the best solution for it. Well, you are wrong. Maybe you need some to process it and ask your partner for that space directly. But by not acknowledging, not replying, ignoring or any other variations of the silent treatment, you do not give them a chance to talk about their side of the argument or explain themselves to you. Ultimately, they will feel emotionally detached from you and the relationship you both worked so hard to create. When you start ignoring someone, it’s the time you start teaching them to live without you. So if you are really done, just end it!

  4. Hiding The Truth

    Honesty and transparency are the supporting pillars of any healthy relationship. Gaining someone’s trust can take up to a lifetime but breaking the trust just take a moment and once broken, it becomes really hard to get it back. Situations may be deceptive and you may think lying is best possible runaway from that situation, but being honest with your partner is the only way to maintain peace within the relation and more importantly, within yourself 🙂

  5. Expecting Them To Be Always In Sync With You

    It’s unjust to expect your partner to be in the same mood as you are. He/She may have had a tough day and may not be in a great mood to listen to all the things you want to share. All you need to do at that moment is to understand and be comforting. Sometimes, giving your partner a bit of space becomes as necessary as being with him/her when he/she needs you.


So these were what I think are harmful things that can destroy relationships. Did you relate to it? If you did, always remember you are not the only one. Many others have faced the same. Just learn from your past and move on to your future. Many beautiful things are waiting for you! 😇

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