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4 Lies About Your College Life That You must Know

All of you who have just passed High School must be dreaming of a fun filled and an amazing college life, aren’t you? Well, to begin with, this is just an illusion . An illusion that has been created due to various movies and shows we have seen, where they show how wonderful college life is. I too had this fake image of my college life being just as great as yours but after my experience out here, I can just say that the things become just the opposite of what I had imagined!

The illusion that we have, is based on some lies that we get to hear from people around us. So here is a list of 4 Lies About Your College Life That You must Know:

  1. No Dress Code Required

    You must be thinking that your deal with a “uniform” is over. Well, it’s not. Many of the top colleges prefer to have a dress code (read: uniform) of their own, while those colleges which don’t have, there too you need to maintain a certain level of formality in your dressing.

  2. Exciting Lectures

    The word “lecture” itself sounds boring and indeed they are! You will soon start missing all the fun you had with your friends back in your school days. In college, even the backbenches doesn’t feel the same. You just keep checking your watch and your phone for the period to get over, while you never knew how the time passed back in the school life!

  3. You Will Find Your Friends For Life

    Well, this may be true in some cases, but for most, it’s not. The bond we share with our school friends has grown from the first day when we start knowing what friendship actually means. As we grow, we become selfish, and the friends we get and make is a consequence of this in most cases.

  4. Attendance Doesn’t Matter

    Ask any engineering student and they will answer you this, “Attendance is all that matters“. Indeed you get a border line of 75% attendance as soon as you enter your college. The irony here is, if you do not cross this border, you will be treated as a terrorist and you will face all the different consequences 😂 like the horrors of not getting to sit for internal exams. Who wants to? 😂

In our childhood we value even the smallest of things, but as we grow up, that essence from even the biggest of things you do, just goes away. For those still in your school life, I suggest you to enjoy it to the fullest as once gone, this time never returns and for those who are going to step in their college life, I would just like to welcome them to a life where BOREDOM rules.


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