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How Travelling Can Change Your Outlook On Life

I’ll begin this post with a simple question, “During the course of a hectic day, when do you think the most?“. Think as in, actually reflect on certain things, feelings and experiences. Well, for most of us, it’s the time when we travel! Be it travelling to work or travelling to your holiday destination, once we are on the road and have literally nothing else to do, the journey of those never ending thoughts begin!

Travelling does not mean only fancy getaways, sprawling hotels or expensive vacations. It also refers to the your daily commute, weekend hikes or likewise! It exposes you to the many different kinds of people, makes you street smart and also let’s you experience many things. It may be your first solo trip where you rediscover yourself, or you make friends with people on your daily commute, and hear the many different stories that comes with travelling.

When you see the crowd in a bus or a train, you will often notice that all of them are glued to their phones. Take my bus for instance. It is full of college-goers and office people and every morning I see so many people travelling together but doing nothing except watching videos on Youtube, listening to songs and scrolling through their news feed. But you will get sick of constantly staring into your phone screen!

And that is when we tend to come out of our shell and see the things happening around us. It happens to me a lot. Sometimes, some things we see can have a huge impact on us.  I would like to describe a small incident that happened while I was travelling and which still has its impact over me!

I was coming back from my college and was in a cab. The cab stopped at a traffic signal and I saw a few children selling balloons. They were going from one car to the other and people were simply ignoring them. When a child came to my cab, I felt sympathetic toward him, seeing his hopeful eyes which also reflected his hunger. I gave him a 50 Rupees note and told him I didn’t need the balloon. He could have just walked off with the money, but what he did left me spellbound. He went to other side, dropped in the balloon through the window and skipped away, trying his luck at another car.
This small incident made me realize the essence of working honestly and being true to oneself. It taught me that no matter what the work, we should do it with dignity.

To travel is to take a journey into oneself. It is the time when we can do introspection which is very much essential for us. While travelling we think about the things going on in our lives, the problems and their probable solutions. We think about about our family, friends,and what not. It’s like an endless chain, we begin at a point and can get lost to that extent that we forget where it begun. Amazing, isn’t it?

The world has become a busy place. We are so occupied with our work that we hardly have time for ourselves. It helps us ponder about things we don’t have time for. Observing the beautiful greenery and watching merry children play fills us with positivity. The world is like the most amazing book and to read it, all you need to do is travel. It may be tiring, you may feel like it’s killing your useful time, but in reality it’s the gift of time.


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