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How To Start Your Own Blog – My Experience

Starting off with new things is always difficult. Be it anything, the most difficult part is always the beginning. I’m sure you all must have gone through a phase when you wanted to do some productive work but doubted yourself because you felt that you do not have the required skill set. And even if you did have it, maybe you just didn’t know where to begin. Well, blogging is an emerging field with a tremendous potential to grow. Today’s blogpost is about my experience –  how I started blogging and what it really requires!

For being a blogger, you basically need to have two things –

 -> Creative Thinking:
Good content is THE most important part because this is what drags in your viewers and gives them the incentive to click on that post link or visit your blog site. If you consistently produce good content, you will build a community of viewers who are influenced by the kind of personality your blog develops, expect creative articles and will be eager to keep following your blog!

 -> Communicative Abilities:
You should be able to put forward the essence of your content in front of your regular readers + make it seem appealing and useful to new people who stumble upon your blog. It includes writing attractive captions, promoting your posts in the proper places and engaging with your community. Actually engaging with your followers and viewers is the best way to ensure viewership – you can do this by sharing experiences and encouraging them to do as well! It might seem tedious at first but it goes a long way to build your personality.

Now, there are many, many platforms where you can start blogging. Here is a list of platforms I would recommend you use based on your experience level.


This is one of the best platforms for a beginner to start with just like I did. Being free of cost, it enables you to test yourself that if you have what it takes to become a blogger. You can sign up for free and customize your page from the given set of themes and you are good to go. If you can write good content and bring in traffic to your page, you will be able to sign up with Google Adsense and earn some quick bucks!

But soon I realised that if I really wanted to commit to this, it would be great to have my own website which I could grow with proper investments and effort. That is when I considered using WordPress.

 2) WordPress

Once you get hold of the content you want to write your blogs on and are confident enough to pursue it further, you can create your own website using WordPress. For making a website, the basic two requirements are –

-> Web Hosting
Many people cheap out while buying hosting, but investing in a good place goes a long way when you start getting traffic and make your page more responsive.
->Domain Name
The domain name should be unique and quirky, and should be simple enough for your readers to recall if they want to read a post they liked or saw your page promotions!After you buy them both, you can start with your website designing/customizing using the hundreds of themes and plugins available on WordPress. It may seem too much to handle at first, so it would be best to read a few guides on how to go about this!

3) Creating Your Own Website From Scratch

Having a detailed knowledge of Web Development is a must for this. You can design your own website as per your requirements without having any limitations. Professionals who have set up a readers base and are confident about their future with blogging should definitely go for this!

My experience with blogging has taught me that it requires both both time and patience. You cannot rush into this without being ready for the days when your post might not have gotten that many views, or when you just cannot find it in yourself to write another post. Blogging is a way to creatively express your opinions and share your experiences with people all around the world. A blogger should always be open to criticism as they are the best means to improve yourself! With all said, I wish you all the best for your blogging experience 🙂

Comment in your views if you find this post helpful! 🙂

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