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How To Cope Up With Stress – Effectively!

In today’s busy life, success and stress have become synonymous. You need to work hard to succeed and often, it leads to a lot of stress and tension. Be it a student worrying for his exams, a professional trying to make it in his field or an already successful person expanding his business, everybody needs to have a way to relieve themselves of this stress because it can become extremely unhealthy. Here, we list the different ways you can conquer the stress and live your life to the fullest!

Short Term Solutions: These are tips you need to follow whenever you find yourself in a demanding, stressful situation! It helps to relieve stress at that moment and help you feel refreshed.

  1. Identify The Cause

    What helps the most is to find out why you have been so stressed. It helps you focus more on the problem instead of feeling confused and irritated. That way, you can work toward de-stressing and addressing the problem at hand.

  2. You Can’t Control Everything

    Accepting the fact that not everything is gonna go your way is a big step towards conquering stress. You need to realise that you cannot control every aspect in your life- be it big or small – and it leads to inner peace and relaxation.

  3. Doing Something Relaxing

    When you feel like your head may explode from the stress or you can’t concentrate, try taking a step back and engaging in something which is relaxing to you. You may de-clutter your workspace, sketch, take a walk or anything else that you may feel like doing. Sure, it may use up some time but once your mind is fresher, your work output will be significantly more!

  4. Finish Small Pending Tasks

    Taking care of nagging responsibilities will seem like a load off your shoulders and free up your mind to engage with the task at hand. So whenever you feel stressed, finish typing that bothersome email or mowing the lawn so that you can feel better about accomplishing a task long overdue and focus more.

  5. Get Some Fresh Air

    One of the best ways to get rid of stress and nervous energy is to go for a small walk. It has been proven that being around nature and getting some movement helps your body and mind relax, and by giving your thoughts space, it is a stress buster too!

  6. Stress-Busting Toys

    A while ago, there was a boom in the market due to fidget spinners – a stress relieving toy. Another popular option is stress balls. These help by soothing the nerves in your palms and fingers and thus, calm you down.

  7. Challenge Yourself With Small Goals

    When you feel stressed about a daunting task at hand, you often tend to not feel confident. Get rid of these negative feelings by setting small goals to finish like, polishing your shoes extra shiny, spending time to dress up nicely, clean up after yourself, etc. It helps you feel good after accomplishing such small tasks and gives you the confidence you need to see through the day.

Long Term Solutions: You need to follow these to get rid of the issue once and for all – that is – being able to handle all the frightening situations with a cool, calm mind.

  1. Don’t Stress Unnecessarily

    One of the problems that arise from overthinking and anxiety is being convinced of situations that haven’t happened yet. It leads to a ton of pressure and unease, making you feel stressed. Learn to let go of this practice and you’ll have a much tension-free life.

  2. Regular Exercise and Healthy Eating 

    Engaging in physical activities like walking, swimming, sports or yoga can do wonders to lower your daily stress levels! The perspiration helps to get rid of toxins and the movement of your body helps relax your muscles. Similiarly, taking care to eat fresh ingredients and avoiding processed and packaged food helps reduce the amount of harmful products you consume – leading to a cleaner, fitter body which definitely helps you feel fresh and relaxed.

  3. Practice Proper Posture

    Sitting with slumped shoulders and a bent back is not only harmful to your health, it impacts your mindset too. Straightening your shoulders and keeping your spine straight makes you more open, infuses you with positivity and helps relieve pain in your back. All this ultimately results in a more relaxed and less irritated mood!


  4. End Your Day On A Positive Note

    After a busy day, unwind before bed by reading a book, listening to some music or doing something that gives you pleasure and soothes your mind. It helps end your day on a good note, and makes your morning happier and full of satisfaction!

  5.  Practice Meditation

    This is one of the best ways to conquer this issue for good. It has been scientifically proven that by practicing meditation and yoga, not only does your body become fitter, your mind becomes more healthy too. It gains the ability to stay cool and calm in tense situations and even if you do get stressed, concentrate in your breath and sit still for some time. This helps to get rid of negative energy and rejuvenates you.

  6. Turn Off Your Phone

    Smartphones give off negative radiations and constantly having to see notifications and messages can be tiring and add to the stress. So, turn off your phone or atleast put it away the next time you work so that you can concentrate better!


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