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5 Ways To Analyze How Strong Your Friendship Is

Friends and Friendship are the supporting pillars of our lives. Aren’t they?  Well, to begin, I have a question for you! What does the word ‘friendship‘ mean to you? I am sure you all must have your amazing definitions for it. But for me, it is one of the most special bonds you can share with some of the most special people. It’s a bond that must remain unadulterated from any negativity and should boost you with excitement and motivation.

Today is Friendship Day, and I still can remember how amazing this day used to be back in my childhood! 🙂 Flashback to a time when we used to buy all those beautiful friendship bands, and keeping the best one for our many best friends.. to this time, when that best friend is the only friend you want to spend this day with. Time passes by, bonds are created and broken, but the only thing  that remains, is the bond of TRUE FRIENDSHIP.

Interested in knowing how strong is the bond you share with your friend is? So here are 5 Points To Analyze How Strong Your Friendship Is! Read on to find out:

1. You Never Say Anything Bad Behind Each Other’s Back 

Being honest is one of the most important things when it comes to any relationship. A true friend will always support you in public, especially in your absence. If anything bothers him/her, he/she will have the guts to say it right to your face.

2. You Support Each Other’s Goals 

A friend should be a true guide and a motivator in your life. Of all the people in the world, you believe in your friend’s potential the most and whatever his/her goals are, you support it. You are like a pillar who will support him/her even when everything falls off.

3. You Accept Each Other As You Are 

You don’t try and change your friend in any possible way and accept who they actually are, as in the first place you did friendship knowing that person. If you have started feeling that you need some changes, talk it out with them!

4. You Share Almost Everything With Each Other

Anything that happens in your life and straightaway you get the urge and excitement of sharing it with your friend. This shows how strong your bond is. Whether it’s a thing that makes you happy or sad or you just can’t decide what to do, and all you do is follow your friend’s opinion as you trust him/her the most.

5. Keep Each Other’s Secret As Your Own

You can share even the most sensitive things which you can’t even share with your family because you know whatever happens, that secret will be buried with them. You feel your secrets are as secure with him/her as theirs are with you!









I hope you and your friend possess a bond that fulfills all the above points. If not, try building up on it and you may end up having a friend for your life! 🙂

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