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5 Ways To Know You’re In Bad Company

The people you listen to and surround yourself with have a major role in defining your thoughts and outlook in life. A lot of people walk into your life, but you need to be careful about who you choose to keep in your life. Read on to find out how to know you are in bad company!

  1. They Are Envious Of What You Have

    A true friend should be happy of your achievements and take it as inspiration if they need – a little bit of envy is fine because it serves as even more motivation.  But if it becomes excessive, know that it’s because they would like to take it away from you.

  2. They Constantly Lie To You

    When someone always lies to you, they end up insulting their relationship with you. Not only do you allow them to cheat you, you allow it to happen to you and thus, cheat yourself. You don’t need these toxic people who keep taking second chances and end up lying again and are nothing but a bad company.

  3. They Demean Your Dreams And Hopes

    You cannot let people hold you back by their opinions and views because they are your aspirations. Such people have a negative effect on you which is why you should not let them define how you lead your life! Make space only for supportive and warm people who encourage you and uplift you.

  4. They Hold Your Past Against You

    Everybody has a past – no matter how horrible or how trivial in perspective. The thing that matters is that you have grown, evolved and learnt from your mistakes. But constantly bringing it up and using it against you is hurtful and does not let you grow out of your situation. This is not something a friend would do!

  5. Make Time Only When It’s Convenient – For Them

    It’s a busy life and you cannot be with your friends all the time. But you do need to communicate and interact to refresh your bonds and reconnect. The thing is, this cannot be a one-sided effort. You cannot be the only one pushing to hang out or carving out time somehow because a time which was convenient for you wasn’t for them. They can clear space in their schedule if they care enough about you!


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