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5 Things To Stop Sharing On Facebook Right Now

It feels good sharing your day to day affairs on Facebook and getting those huge number of likes and comments, Doesn’t it? But have you ever thought for a moment that the things you share on Facebook or any other social media can become a potential threat against you? The more personal details you share, the more vulnerable you become to something that could make your life a DISASTER.

Wondering about what to do overcome this situation? Well, here is a list of 5 Things You Should Stop Sharing On Facebook Right Away:

1. Your Employment Details

People generally tend to share the details of their employment, mentioning the company’s name and even the department they work in. These details make it for hackers to break in to your company’s computer systems. Moreover, if ever you share anything negative thing regarding your workplace, you can straightaway get fired!

2. Your Residential Address

Now, giving the specific location of your residence could be a real disaster. Imagine you sharing pictures of your vacation trips, and robber having their share of treat by looting your house while you are away as if you yourself have invited them for the loot. If you really want to share your residential information with someone, share it personally not publicly.

3. Payment Information

With the growth in digital marketing, various social medias offer various services for which they constantly ask user for their payment information(credit card/debit card details). Hackers are always in search for users who have provided such details and kept them open you can get bankrupt within few minutes. So all you need to do, is just keep ignoring any notification related to payment and keep your sensitive information private.

4. Confessions

Confessing something to people in social media might sound appealing but it is never a good idea. Whether you hate someone or love someone, sharing it in public can have adverse effects. Trollers can make your emotions a material for their meme and all of it can make your life a nightmare!

5. Your Relationship Status

I will suggest you to entirely remove this status from Facebook as it does is it attracts unwanted attention. You may find it romantic to change your status  from “single” to “In a Relationship” but the negativity that may pour in because of those unwanted people can actually hamper a beautiful relation. Show your love to the one you love in 1000 different ways but not in social media.

So before you post something, THINK! Even though you might find social media a great place to spend your time on, but never let that desire of getting public attention drive you, as in this era of social networking, one wrong post can your life can turn into a misery!


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