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5 Secrets To Stay Happy

Happy people take care of their mind and body and manage their stress. They smile, are engaged, and bring an optimal level of energy and enthusiasm to whatever they do.

Let’s learn what to do in order to seek happiness in life.

1. Stick to one’s own business, and not others: Happy people never think about what others are doing. They never compare their adversaries in life with those of others. Remember, nobody is doing better than you because nobody can do better than you. YOU are walking your own path. So, stop the comparisons! Ignore the distractions. Listen to your own inner voice. Mind your own business. Never let others’ ignorance and negativity affect you. Never stop being the best you can be on your own,  just by comparing with others or by getting affected by others’ attitude and behavior. Focus on your dream and follow your passion. Be at peace within yourself, so that nothing can ever shake you.

2.Never seek others’ judgement to know your self-worth: No one is worthy enough to judge you. No one can define who you are and you are capable of. If you are not comparing yourself with others and not competing against others, then you are already on the right track. Just compete with yourself and focus on what you feel about yourself.

Never pay heed to the stories that others just pun to ruin your peace of mind, because they are not living your life and they don’t know how you feel. What you call yourself, and who you decide to become, is your problem and you should stand by it.

3.Never hold on to grudge and exasperation: We’ve all been hurt by our own decisions and by others, and while the pain of these experiences is normal, sometimes it lingers for too long. Feelings of resentment urge us to relive the same pain over and over, and we have a hard time letting go.

The only remedy to this is forgiveness.

It’s not that you forget all your experiences; it’s just that you forget feeling miserable about them over and over again. If someone hurts you, forgive that person and add him/her to the list of your teachers in life. Without forgiveness, wounds can never be healed and personal growth can never be achieved.

4.Stay away from negative people/environment: Always try to be with people thinking positively. Don’t get your mind and life contaminated by spending time with negative people or being in any negative circumstance and environment. These may ruin your life by ruining your peace of mind. When other people invite you to act like victims, when they whine and moan about the unfairness of life, for example, and ask you to agree, to offer condolences, and to participate in their grievances, WALK AWAY.

5.Never choose to lie: Never hide the truth. Lying makes your mind so uncontrollable that you become bad at seeing, telling and living our own truth. Lives come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies. It takes courage and strength to admit the truth, but it is the only way to truly live.

You can fall into a rattrap of your own because if you resist the truth, you will live a lie every day as the truth haunts your thoughts every night. So, it is better to offer no explanation or excuse than a false one. Accept what is, embrace it fully, and live for the possibilities that lie ahead

“Happiness is found in the simplest of things. Happiness is found in gratitude, in a kept promise, in a good conversation, in love, in friendship, in an achieved goal, in a fond memory; in all simple magnificence of life.”      

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16 thoughts on “5 Secrets To Stay Happy

  1. Fantastic…. Uttered with sense of thoughts filled with piles of ideas…. Really superb…..
    Would be waiting for next great piece of thought…

  2. Nice blog Ankita. Good thinking and wordings in favor of the angle of Happiness definition you have chosen to show.

  3. its realy awesome ankita…these should be followed by everyone who want to be happy in their life..
    n one more thing this m i m going to follow from now….

  4. Ha ha ha, actually a happy life is a myth,life should be natural you come across great people,nice people, decent people and ofcourse some idiots.All 5 points are theoretically great but practically null.1. We can’t stay without looking at someone else work.2.We get sad by other judgement often.3.Humans are regretful.4.By the time we come to know they are negative it’s already too late.5.If you don’t hide the truth you can’t enjoy the fruits of adulthood.

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