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5 Things About You That You Should Never Reveal In Public

You may not be MI6 but you still do have secrets, Don’t You? And if you are constantly spilling the beans about your life ,then you got to start thinking straight away Everyone of us have some personal secrets-deep ,dark secrets that no one knows and sharing them even with the most trusted person is just making yourself vulnerable. With Facebook and Instagram looking through the doors and windows, it is getting extremely difficult to decide what to reveal and how much!

Confused about the things you should stop revealing about yourself in public?

Well here is a list of 5 Things About You That You Should Never Reveal In Public:

  1. Your love life:

Social media has completely changed the way people used to show their love and affection for their partner. Now for showing your love indulging in PDA(Public Display of Affection)  has become more important than actually loving your partner. But your love life is better kept secret. Why let other people know what you have got? People will only be jealous and sometimes even create problems between you two.

2. Your religious thoughts:

You may be an atheist or a right wing or a left wing person but the world needn’t know about that. Religion is a very individual subject and has a potential to create disputes even between two really close people. So Just keep following your religious thoughts and beliefs all by yourself without telling about them to others.

3. Your family disputes:

Whatever happens at home should stay at home. Whenever outsiders get know about family matters they try to poke their really long noses into it and things definitely get worse. So better keep shut!

4. Your charity work:

Charity begins at home. And while it may extend all over the world the news of it need not. There will always be people who will not like what you do, question your cause and your integrity and try to malign you in some way or the other. And that’s why it needs to kept hush .

5. Your crush’s name:

Now, this may sound funny,but once your friends get to know about about your crush, you have a whole lot of troubles and embarrassment coming your way . So if you have not already committed the mistake of telling your friends about him/her, then DON’T. Believe me it’s for the best.

What you think, What you believe in, And your faith in anything and everything are very close to your heart.Don’t destroy it by telling other people.They don’t care.Keeping them within you will only make you stronger. And if by any chance you are in fact MI6 then you are a pro at this and should instead give us some tips!!

“A good friend keeps your secrets for you. A best friend helps you keep your own secrets.”


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