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4 Ways Bloggers Earn Money

The Internet has hundreds and thousands of websites and blogs that we constantly read and refer to. Be it fashion, news, community, informative, lifestyle or basically any topic under the sun, we are bound to find a large number of blogs dedicated to those topics with amazing content and readability! But have you ever wondered, do these people get paid for these efforts, and how? Well, there are some basic ways by which bloggers earn money very easily via their website or blog. Read on to find out!

1) Advertising

This is the biggest way in which bloggers earn money – certain ads are displayed on your website and you get paid for those by the company. There are 2 kinds of payment scenarios – one for per click on the ads, and another for every 1,000 impressions of the ad.
There are also 2 ways to go about advertising:
i) Ad Networks like Google AdSense handle everything from ad codes, selecting suitable ads, payment information, etc. You are not directly in contact with the advertiser and work through AdSense.
ii) Direct Advertising – you can also directly be in contact with advertisers and set up the ads. This way you also are in control of the kind of payment you get and the advertisers you want to be associated with! Many bloggers prefer this method as they are in much more control of everything this way.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Another way bloggers earn money is by helping promote certain products are getting a part of that sale. For example, we are associated with Amazon and have started promoting some of their products. Whenever a visitor clicks on our product link and purchases it from Amazon, we get a part of the sale. This way, you have absolute control that the products you promote as an affiliate are recommended by you!

3) Sell Products

This is a great way to earn because blogging is one of the best ways to sell your products and especially if you don’t like promoting others’ products. If you have a targeted audience, it can lead to good sales and hence, more money. You can either sell digital products (ebooks, podcasts, courses, apps, etc.) or physical products. Their are endless possibilites when it comes to creating a business blog and it reaps well if done properly!

4) Sponsored Posts

This is another way many bloggers earn money – by being a guest author on some other blog or getting paid for writing a post on your blog on a specific topic! It comes useful when you have a good following and it’s a good practice to make sure to include in the post that it is sponsored so your readers are aware of it. It is also a good thing to not write about something you don’t believe in or recommend as it can put a damper on your blog’s image!

So these are some of the very basic ways you can profit from your blog or website. These are very widely used and can be very profitable if done right! 🙂

Sourced from: BloggingBasics101, RealWaysToEarnMoneyOnline

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