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4 Things To Do When You Don’t Get A Job

Are you depressed because you didn’t get a job yet? Do you know anyone who has always been offered the first job to which they applied at every stage of their career? Although such people exist, but they are very few in comparison to us who on our way to job hunt encounter a lot of rejection. Not getting a job can be more depressing and debilitating experience if time and again you get to hear the same words-“You aren’t hired!”

So here is a list of 4 Things To Do When You Don’t Get A Job:


The most common feeling after being rejected is not feeling worthy of doing anything. But, the fact is that someone else is a closer fit to the needs of the hiring authority for this particular role in this particular context. Sometimes the reason behind someone getting a job maybe only a shade of difference from the others, among so many applicants in any candidate pool. Sometimes it’s just that the person who gets the job has just a bit more job experience for the role.

The moment you start taking it personally, you start hating yourself and start discouraging yourself for any further effort. You stop figuring out what really is going on and what needs to be done.

So, stop blaming yourself!! And, start moving ahead in a businesslike way to concentrate on nailing your next opportunity.


Always try to accept the facts. Remember, until you receive the offer letter, the employer still can select someone else. Until then, you have every right to continue submitting your resume and interviewing with other companies. The smartest thing to be done is to have credible alternatives (plan ‘B’) to the job at hand. In this way, when you are in final negotiations, you have considerable leverage. Similarly, if the things go wrong, and you don’t get this job, the loss would sting less and you would be able to focus on your alternative job interviews.


Don’t keep on crying for the thing that has already occurred. You can’t do anything to rewind it and play it again the way you wanted it to happen. Picture yourself as a learner. Each time you fail, you get at least one thing to learn from that experience and work to improve in that. If you are “always a bridesmaid but never a bride”, it demonstrates that people see you as being quite capable of performing well in the kind role you are pursuing. But, you are likely making one or more small errors along your way.

Always try to figure out the reason of your failure positively. Maybe, something you said was taken to mean something else. So, you reconstruct yourself and your words for the next attempt.

Never lose hope.


Analyze your mistakes, figure out your faults from the way the interviewer interacts with you till the end, and learn from them. Perhaps you want to make a big career change. Some people are very successful at doing that, while others don’t necessarily have the transferable skills to make it happen.

If you don’t get traction in your new dream field, it may be time to recognize the rejections as a form of feedback. Determine what you are missing. Perhaps taking some courses or doing an apprenticeship will make you a more attractive candidate.

And, sometimes, despite all your efforts, you are just not going to be seen as a god fit in your desired field. In such cases, the reason of rejection is that the time has arrived when you need to be look for something else altogether.

Always remember that there’s no such thing like “the last possible job”, so today’s rejection may pave the way for tomorrow’s success even in a greater way.

“PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE & PERSPIRATION make an unbeatable combination for SUCCESS.”

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