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11 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Holidays

You have finally trudged through the last period of your class or spent countless nights cramming for your final semester exam. But when you wake up the next day, it’s the best feeling ever because it’s the holidays! But soon you will get tired of sleeping in till 2 pm or scrolling miles through your Instagram feed.. and that is when you think – What to do now? We have compiled a list of various activities and things for this very question – to help you enjoy your vacations to the fullest no matter if you like the sporty outdoors or if you prefer lounging on your couch all day long! 😃

  1. Intern

    This is the most appealing option for college-goers as it’s an easy way to earn a few quick bucks + add more sentences under the “Experience” section of your resume! You can either work from home at your leisure, or at location which gives you a chance to visit new places and interact with new people.

  2. Volunteer at a Local Place

    Doing a good deed is always fulfilling, no matter how big or small. Why not take time off once or twice a week to help someone else in need? 🙂 It can be at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen or NGO – your pick.

  3. Formulate Study Strategies

    So maybe you didn’t kill it in these exams, which is probably because you didn’t have a proper study routine in place! Use this time to reflect on what didn’t work for you, and come up with some new ideas to help focus on those never-ending textbooks and shabby notes.

  4. Cultivate Your Hobbies

    Now would be a good time to finish that half-coloured artwork or finally tune the guitar that has been sitting around for ages! Indulge in all your favourite activities which make your soul happy and mind fresh – it all leads to a happier mood and a better day 😃 It’s also a good time to find out other things which you enjoy doing apart from your existing hobbies. Maybe you’ll find you do like reading after all, or that you might not be that bad at sports! 😆

  5. Take An Online Course

    There are hundreds on free courses online in every subject you can imagine. All you have to do is figure out what you want to learn about! It helps you gain knowledge about many topics, become an expert in a particular field, and add credits on your resume.

  6. Engage in Sports and Healthy Eating

    Another popular option for outdoorsy people and fitness freaks! Even if you are not so enthused about it, learning a new sport or improving at a familiar one helps with building your skills, maintaining your health and relax your mind. You should treat your body like a temple and now would be a good time to focus on healthy eating and exercising! It helps you stay fit, active and maybe even help you shed a few kilos if you want to 😆

  7. Catch Up With Friends

    In today’s busy world, it gets easy to lose track of friends and sometimes, you need to reconnect even with your best friends. It’s easier than ever given today’s “coffee culture“! So make plans with your pals to hang out at your favourite coffee hangout or even try some new places 🙃

  8. Learn A New Language

    It’s an interesting way to spend your time trying to learn how to speak another language. Not only does it help your vocabulary and your resume, it also opens you up to a whole new world of literature, movies and culture! Pro tip: An easy way to do this is by watching childrens’ cartoons in that language as they use very basic sentences 😃

  9. Polish Skills

    You can also spend time honing skills like public speaking, problem solving or writing proficiency. These not only make for good pass times, it will also help you in future professional endeavours! Also, it’s better to know how to fix your lightbulb or change your tyre rather than waiting for somebody else to do it because you do not know how! It is a very practical thing to learn how to do these basic things via the Internet – so that you know how to face problems like these when you are alone 😊

  10. Scrapbooking and Blogging

    If you like to read newspapers in the mornings and drink your coffee with the latest issue of your favourite magazine, this may be the best activity for you yet! Just cut and gather articles which you liked, were inspired by or which you thought were well written in a small book. You can look back at these articles and quotes at the end of your summer break and take a look at the things that inspired you the most! If you’re ambitious, you can even paste them and decorate the pages to make a beautiful scrapbook.

    You can do the above mentioned activity in a digital form too, by documenting your thoughts and feelings into a digital diary! You may also end up finding other people who inspire you and have interesting content for you to read 👩‍💻

  11. Declutter

    It has been scientifically proven that having a clean, clutter-free home helps you relax + feel fresh + relieves stress + boosts creativity + helps focus.. do I need to say more?! Why not take some time to put things back in their place and transform your messy room! Monica Geller, anyone? 😂😂

These are our top picks but it still was a LOT of things to do! Pick any goal and focus on it – no matter how small. In the end, it’s the satisfaction of doing something productive instead of lazing around the whole day (though binge-watching sitcoms is another favourite 😂 ) Was this post helpful to you? Tell us if we missed anything in the comments below 🙂



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